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Mount Zion has stood in her rural setting since organization in the late 18th century. She is older by 23 years than Alamance County and younger by a half a century than the American Union.
By 1755 early religious liberty apostles had come together to form a "company" or "church" whose beginning was initiated by the preaching of George Whitfield, an English evangelist. His work and dedication touched the life of pioneer named Shubael Stearns. This convert along with his wife, parents, brothers and others found a home in Sandy Creek, Randolph County in November, 1755. Through the efforts of Elder Stearns, Sandy Creek was organized as the first Baptist Church in this region of the South. Three years later, delegates came from six neighboring churches and organized the Sandy Creek Association. They called themselves Separate Baptists because they believed strongly in separation of church and state. With several preachers in the association, the mission work was divided into fields, with one minister going to Montgomery County, one to Abbotts Creek and Elder Stearns remaining home.
In 1860 Sandy Creek Association was changed to the Piedmont Association. Mount Zion remained in this association until 1973 when it withdrew and joined the Mount Zion Association.
Mount Zion has been the mother of other churches, in 1872 , Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church south of Liberty; in 1886, Macedonia Baptist Church north of Liberty; and a third in Liberty, First Baptist.
The present building, constructed in 1911, was dedicated as the third structure, the first being a log building. A second building was erected in 1858 and enlarged in 1871. Between 1945-47, several Sunday school rooms were added. A Fellowship Hall and additional classrooms were added in 1974. The sanctuary was renovated in 1993. In 2017 a larger fellowship hall was built behind the church to hold many current fellowship opportunities.
Since her inception, Mount Zion has endeavored to shine the light of Christ throughout her community, where she stands as a beacon on a hill.

Offerings, Tithes and Donations may be mailed to P.O. Box 280, Alamance, NC 27201

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